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Todd Schulte, on Tahmina’s Radio Show on 2/2

We are incredibly thrilled and honored to have the President of Todd Schulte on Tahmina’s radio show “Immigration With Tahmina”  on Desi 1250 am this Tuesday 2nd February at 10am. With the Iowa caucuses ending on Feb. 1st, it is extra special that Todd is taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule to join us. […]

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Listen to our Desi 1250am radio interview with Vivek Wadhwa- entrepreneur, academic and influencer

On our second show of 2016, we talk to notable academic, entrepreneur, author and think tank Vivek Wadhwa. Wadhwa was one of the first vocal advocates for a Startup Visa in the US. His book The Immigrant Exodus was the first that discussed the reverse brain drain issue. We are honored and privileged to have […]

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Notable Academic, Researcher, Entrepreneur and Influencer- “Vivek Wadhwa” on Tahmina’s Radio Show!

We are incredibly thrilled and honored to have the one and only Vivek Wadhwa on Tahmina’s radio show “Immigration With Tahmina”  on Desi 1250 am this Tuesday 19th January at 10am. Thank you to Vivek for taking time out of his busy schedule for joining us!!  He will join our show as both ‘notable immigrant’ […]

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Tahmina’s Interview with Rucha Humnabadkar, Movie Director- For Here or To Go?

On our first Desi 1250AM radio show “Immigration with Tahmina Watson” of 2016, we talk to Movie Director Rucha Humnbadkar about her wonderful movie For Here or To Go? A movie that depicts the problems of the broken immigration system, specifically high-skilled immigration. Coincidentally, employment-based immigration rules regarding I-140/AC21 were published to the Federal Register on […]

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Tahmina’s article on Why the U.S. needs a Startup Visa

Read here Tahmina’s article on Medium titled’ Why the U.S. needs a Startup Visa”. 

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EB5 Extended Without Change but H1b & L1 Not So Lucky

The budget deal in Congress yesterday included some immigration provisions. Some visa programs had deadlines so needed to be addressed. The EB5 regional center (‘pilot’)Program was set to expire but like previous years, it was extended. This time is was extended until September 2016. In the past, the extensions have been for up to 3 […]

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No EB5 visa law changes today

While many of us are holding are breaths on what changes will happen on the EB5 provisions- nothing of significance actually happened today. Today, the House passed a short-term funding bill (H.J. 2250) by a voice vote to avoid a government shutdown. The original EB-5 extension is included in the bill. Yesterday, the Senate passed […]

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PSB reports on EB5 Visa Program

The EB5 visa program is up for renewal on Friday December 11th.  While it is a controversial area of immigration law, it unequivocally has brought economic development and job creation to the US, particularly after the recent recession.  The pilot program for regional centers was going to expire on September 3oth.  While there was a […]

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Interview recording of Dr. Vandana Slatter- Newest Bellevue City Councilwoman

Thank you to newly elected Bellevue City Councilwoman Dr. Vandana Slatter for joining me on radio show “Immigration with Tahmina Watson” on Desi 1250AM on 11.10.2015. We wish you all the best! Tahmina’s radio show is aired every Tuesday at 10am on Desi 1250AM. Hope you will enjoy this interview!

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