Canada Will Implement Startup Visa from April 2013

There is not much that can make me envious these days. Perhaps because I am older and wiser.  However, I find myself very envious of Canada’s new Startup Visa laws that will be implemented in April 2013.  Envious because the US will be missing out on talented people who could create jobs and boost the economy.  Envious because I cannot serve my clients better.

On January 24, 2013, The Canadian govt. announced that they will implement a new law allowing entrepreneurs to receive permanent residency in Canada.  The visa will be dependent upon securing funds from a venture capitalist.

For the last two years, many countries, including the US, UK, Ireland, other countries in Europe have been discussing a Start-Up Visa Act for their individual countries. UK implemented a version but not quite what the Start-Up Act suggested.  Canada indeed is the first to actually take action and implement a Startup visa. Canada will gain the entrepreneurs who really would like to be in the US.  I enviously applaud Canada

With comprehensive immigration reform hopefully on the horizon, I hope that these issues will be covered. Next Tuesday President Obama will likely make some statements on immigration reform in Las Vegas.  I watch this space closely and I will write as more news becomes available.

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