President’s inauguration comes with immigration reform hopes

A few moments ago, President Barak Hossain Obama was sworn in for a second time. A moment in history that gave me goosebumps, just as it likely did for many others.

His speech was a powerful one, full of hope and dreams and inspiration. Since the election, there has been much discussion that comprehensive immigration reform is on its way and that in the days following today, there will be formal announcements of this being on this second term agenda.

In this speech, he alludes to many things that say immigration reform is on its way.  He refers to diversity, to keeping ‘young and bright engineers’ in the US and to enlist them the workforce. He said he wants to see equal rights for gay people.  I am hopeful that this time, it will not be just rhetoric but action may well follow.

My hope would be that comprehensive immigration reform will include not only a path to citizenship for those who are undocumented but also offer all entrepreneurs a better path to working and creating jobs in the US (Startup act issues), to allow students to remain in the US upon completion of their degrees (STEM act), allow H4 visa holders the ability to work, that same-sex couples are conferred the same immigration benefits and much much more.

I am hopeful because 2013 started off with great news on January 2nd that stateside waivers will start on March 4th.  On another topic, it was clarified that deferred action folks have authorized stay.  Positive things are happening!

We wish our President a successful term and hope that he accomplishes much goodness for our country.

The text of the President’s full speech can be found here.

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